CodZCenter will help the students to acquire 21st century skills like coding, critical thinking, presenting things in a the most attractive way and showcasing the skills to the world by creating websites and mobile applications. STEM is included in all the courses and students will find it easy to learn mathematics.
CodZCenter coding courses are Python, Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing, JavaScript Game Development, Little Coder, and Start Your Company.
Yes, of course. A free demo class will be provided for those who are interested.
a. Problem Solving b. Creativity c. Responsibility d. Long term focus e. Flexibility f. Project Management g. Real Time working experience
Yes, we will provide UK certification on course completion.
Coding will be beneficial in almost all types of jobs in the future, from engineering, sciences, economics or finance. Students will have to be familiar with the fundamentals of coding to understand technology in the search for scientific breakthroughs and the way work is done in a technologically-driven society. Computer coding involves well developed communication, leadership and management skills coupled with creative technical savvy.
CodZCenter has a unique way of teaching programming which caters all category of students
CodZCenter is working on an app for kids. It will be released soon. Currently the coding app is not available..